Electro-Dry Needling is similar to the ancient practice of normal acupuncture, or dry
needling, with the addition of an electro stimulus delivered through the needles and into the
skin. Cables are attached to the needles to a stimulation system, which sends a pulse of
electricity through the needle and into the tissue.

This may sound a little frightening but in reality, the likelihood of any pain being felt is
extremely rare. The aim of Dry Needling is to create a twitch response or a sensation to
relax the overactive muscles, reduce pain and restore normal length and function to the
targeted muscle. The needle used is very thin and you can usually feel the slightest of
stimulus. Sometimes the needle can be moved back and forth to create a twitch response,
which can cause a little discomfort, but this is for a very short period of time.

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The results of Electro-Dry Needling are excellent, and it’s proving to be more and more
popular with clients. It is extremely effective at dealing with stubborn and ongoing
complaints. The list of what it can help with is extensive: Nerve damage, neuropathy, sciatica
Soft tissue: spasm, strains, cramping, trigger points, tightness, sprains, arthritis, joint
stiffness, disc pathologies, and more.
But what are the major differences between the dry needling and this more modern
technique of adding electrons?

The 3 major advantages are:

1) The results from electro-stimulation are more rapid and longer lasting.
2) Because it is machined based, the process of Electro-Stimulation removes
guesswork and is objectively measured.
3) Stronger and more continuous stimulation is created through the electrons, whilst at
the same time, creating less tissue damage.

How Electro dry needling works is by the electrified needles impacting different nerves
throughout the body, specifically the ascending nerves involved in pain processing in the
nervous system. The needles create a reaction within the body as the needles cause the
slightest of impacts on the skin, allowing the body to release its natural healing mechanisms.
These endorphins work with the immune system to accelerate healing within that specific
area. As you would expect, this results in the reduction of pain. Studies show that this is an
excellent choice for strains and muscle tears.
It also works effectively for muscle recovery and muscular fatigue. When the muscle is
triggered by the needle, the muscle begins to relax allowing the body to feel more
comfortable. However, with the addition of the electric current invoking a longer duration of

muscle contraction. This means that the muscle stays relaxed for a longer amount of time,
giving the body more time to heal.
With this method of recovery becoming more and more popular, the need of practitioners is
huge. Our courses will teach you how to become effective within this field, adding to your
skills and knowledge of the different treatments in the industry.
Further details can be found here: Link to Dry Needling page.


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