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Sports Therapy & Injury Management

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy isn’t just used by sports and exercise participants, as it can help to alleviate muscle aches and pains associated with daily living, work-related complains and general physical activities, such as looking after children or gardening.

Sports and remedial massage therapy has many elements and was originally developed to treat athletes before or after an event. These massage techniques, can also be used tomaintain muscular strength, to improve range of movement and to reduce the effects of muscular pain, postural pain and soreness.

Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy can be used to treat specific injuries, postural discomfort and repetitive injuries (RSI) and to rehabilitate the body back to full fitness after illness. 

It can also be used in combination with other modalities such as Medical Acupuncture, Dry Cupping and Therapeutic Ultrasound to aid healing. 

Current Prices: 

£35 – 30 minute appointment

£50 – 60 minute appointment

To find out more about Sports and Remedial Massage Therapy or to book an appointment with Dawn Morse, please complete the form below or call 07887 535766.

Clinic appointments with Dawn Morse are available Tuesday – Thursdays from 10am – 5pm

Treatments available include:

Sports Maintenance Massage

Sports Therapy 

Injury Treatment

Medical Acupuncture and Dry Needling

Myofascial Dry Cupping

Therapeutic Ultrasound for acute and chronic injury

Shockwave and Laser therapy for acute and chronic injury

Tecar therapy (Human Tecar) for acute and chronic injury

PEMF Therapy for acute and chronic injury and wound healing

Kinesiology Taping

Exercise and stretching techniques for rehabilitation from injury and pain

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Clinic address: 

Core Elements Training Centre, 

First Floor Offices, 8 Bath Road, Old Town, Swindon, SN1 4BA

(Entrance off Prospect Place)

Other experienced therapists available at Core Elements Sports & Injury Clinic include:

Mal Lewis

Mal Lewis – MJ Therapy – Sports Therapist

Sports and every day Injury treatment / Shockwave / Laser and Tecar Therapy. 

Days available: Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday

Times available: 09:00 – 20:00

Website: www.sportsinjuryswindon.co.uk

Mobile: 07833184385

Email: swindonmal@yahoo.co.uk 

Kezia Cremin

Kezia Cremin BSc – K Body Therapy

Gradauate Sports Therapist

Sports Therapy / Injury Treatment/ Rehabilitation

Days available: Saturday

Time available: 09:00 – 19:00

Email: kbodytherapy@outlook.com

Mobile:  07514737040

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