How Can sports massage reduce pain?

Have you ever pulled a muscle during sports? Have you ever had to stop running or jogging
due to cramps? The vast majority of professional and amateur sports people will know this
feeling far too well.
One of the most iconic moments in memory for a British Athlete is ironically not a victory, but
a loss. In 1992, Derek Redmond did well to get to the final of the 400 metres, but halfway
around the track had to pull up due to a problem with his hamstring. His dad supported him
as he bravely finished the race in tears to a standing ovation.

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Our bodies are unique, powerful and delicate, which need to be looked after. We strongly
recommend that physically active people need to know the many benefits of a sports
You can however, also suffer these injuries by carrying out your daily routine. Simple things
like gardening, cleaning the bathroom, or going for a walk can sometimes lead to stiffness or
your body reacting in a way that causes an injury.
Sports massage is one of the most sought-after remedies.

But how do they work?

And why are they so popular?

When we damage our muscles, they become tight, stiff and release blood. The blood
contains nutrients that are there to help the muscles repair, but as these nutrients escape,
the muscle will take longer to heal. A sports massage can help with the healing process.
When our muscle tissues are intensely massaged, blood vessels are allowed to open in a
controlled manner. The blood contains nutrients that enter the blood vessels. Through
different techniques, the Sports Massage Therapist allows the damaged area to receive the
appropriate nutrients and a healthy supply of oxygen which kick-starts the process of repair.

It’s a completely natural and regular occurrence for muscles to tighten up and become stiff  and uncomfortable after exercise.

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And it’s beneficial to stretch after exercise to help your body relax after working out.
Sports massage works in a similar way to stretching as it will get in deep into the muscle, relaxing and
softening it to improve mobility and flexibility.


The human body is amazing. If your body is in pain,   it has a natural pain relief within which is released called endorphins. This process of release is sped up through the practice of a
sports massage, and as they race around your body locating the pain, they reduce metabolic
irritants. Muscle tensions are then released helping the muscle to relax, further reducing the

Sometimes the pain isn’t just physical, but psychological too. These wonderful endorphins
will also visit the brain. They are stored within the pituitary gland and once released they
work with neurotransmitters which work together to help to reduce anxiety and feelings of
stress while also acting as a natural pain reliever and improving your mood.
People are realising the benefits of regular sports massages and how they can heal old and
new injuries.


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