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Back To School

By Dawn Morse MSc
As featured in Om Yoga and Lifestyle Magazine

Starting a Yoga Teacher Training course or a Sports Massage Training Course can be an exciting time, which signals a new chapter in your life and career. As a result many students look forward to meeting like minded people, learning new skills and having the time to develop their own practice. Due to the popularity of training abroad many students will also be looking forward to spending time in the sun where they can unwind and enjoy relaxed surroundings.
However, students often worry about the academic aspects of the teacher training programme, such as keeping up with recommended, essay writing and assessments. This may be due to confidence, time constraints or having left school or study several years ago.

The following tips can help when returning to study:

  • Schedule time for reading.

Reading your training manual prior to starting the course will provide you with an understanding of the topics that will be covered throughout the training process.

  • Review the reading list and aim to spend a little time studying each day as this will help you to get into a new routine.​​

  • Share your goals with your family and friends.

Sharing your goals with family and friends will enable them to provide you with support and encouragement. Let them know when your assessment deadlines are so that they can help out in practice sessions and of course help you celebrate when you have passed your assessments.

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  • Arrive at your training sessions on time and prepared.

Tutors have to cover a lot of information during teacher training sessions, therefore arriving on time will help to keep the day on track. Reading up on the daily topic will help you to get the most out of the day as it will provide the opportunity to put theory into context. Writing notes during the session will prove to be a valuable revision tool later on within the course.

  • Questions are welcome.

If you are unsure about something being discussed, make sure that you take the time to ask the tutor as it’s unlikely that you are the only person to have questions. Most tutors welcome questions during discussion time and will often make time available at the end of the day.

  • It ‘s fine to make mistakes.

You are on a yoga teacher training course to learn how to become an effective and inspirational yoga teacher. Therefore tutors are not expecting you to already be an expert. It’s fine to make mistakes during practical tasks and to get a question wrong. We all learn by making mistakes. The most important thing is that we learn from the experience. Therefore remember not to feel judged if this happens during your learning journey.

  • Use mneumonics and highlight text.

Mneumonics are a great way to remember key points or sequences when planning a teaching session. Using colour when highlighting key points and using spider diagrams can also help you to revise.

  • Plan your essay.

Starting an essay can be a daunting task, therefore take the time to plan your essay. Use the essay guide to identify the key points that need to be included within the main section, introduction and conclusion. Remember to refer back to the essay guide after planning to ensure that you haven’t moved away from the essay aim.

  • Practice for assessments.

Schedule in revision time for any theory and practical assessments as this will help you to be prepared and to achieve your goals. Family and friends are a good source to use when practising your teaching skills.

  • And finally enjoy the experience that the training course provides you.